“What’s Next?” – Dry but Informative

Let’s face it, we’re getting older.  You, me and certainly a huge block of the population called the Baby Boomers.  For many people, retirement is just some oasis in the distance.  We’re excited about reaching it but we don’t have a very clear view of what we plan to do when we get there.  Some of us view retirement as an opportunity to indulge all our favorite hobbies, others view it as a the loss of a career that has been the most fulfilling thing in our lives.  “What’s Next?” approaches the question as an issue of faith…what does walking out your faith look like in your middle age or retirement?

H. Norman Wright presents a comprehensive (if a little dry) guidebook to navigating this set of life transitions.  Retirement, loss of physical prowess, midlife issues, boomerang children, loss and much more.  He also deals with the very real feelings we may experience in a culture where youth is honored and age is dismissed.  This is a great book to pick up if you are facing a major transition whether it be a loss, empty nesting, retirement or a change in employment.  “What Now?” is a well-organized, thoughtful and comprehensive book to help you look down your new path with courage and optimism.

This book was provided to my by Bethany House for this review.


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