“My Own Worst Enemy” – Sound Familiar?

If you’ve ever felt like the biggest obstacle between you and your goals was, well, you, then this is your book! Janet Davis explores why we sabotage ourselves and what to do about it while maintaining a kind and friendly tone. Often a self-help book I read leaves me feeling like more of failure than ever before…but not this one. After my first read through, my copy was as dog-eared as a book I’d read many times over. I underlined quotes like, “God does not relate to us as objects to be fixed. We are children can both love and be loved. We are not computers to be programmed or machines meant for efficient production. We are gifted and talented women to be taught, received from, cherished, partnered with, pursued, comforted, and enjoyed.”
Or “We are not to settle for simply living a good life, we are called to shine”
And shining is what we are encouraged to do throughout “My Own Worst Enemy.” Not to be more, different or better but to simply shine as the person God made us to be. Think you’re not able to shine at all? Invest some time and energy being encouraged by Janet Davis and you just might change your mind.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House for this review.



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