Roman Holiday, Part 3 – And They Fell Like Dominoes!

At the Colosseum
I apologize for falling off the radar so abruptly but, as you might have guessed, I came back from St. Peter’s and got hit with the dreaded stomach flu! Later we joked that it was a good thing we didn’t get it all at once because there was only one bathroom…what a mess that would have been!
By Monday, we were up and about (although I was not on speaking terms with food) and ventured out to catch up on sightseeing. Our concession to being ill was to avoid buses and trains and treat ourselves to taxis. The taxi stand was nearby and usually stocked with a long line of taxis. Our first stop was the Pantheon.


(Watch for photos in a different post, my WordPress is giving me a bit of trouble today!)

After wandering the Pantheon and trying to comprehend how they made that incredible, perfect dome without benefit of power tools, we needed to rest so we took our weakened selves to a cafe that had a great view of the Pantheon and the fountain nearby.

One thing I love about cafes in Europe is that no one rushes you. There’s no pressure to give up your table and you have to work hard to get the check. Oh, on an embarrassing side note, I went to the restroom in this cafe put soap on my hands and the water would not turn on to wash it off! I went upstairs to ask and the waitress exclaimed “Pedalay!” I’m sure I was two shades of red when I turned back downstairs to use the foot pedal to start the water!

After a nice break and lovely people-watching, we decided to take a turn in a horse-drawn carriage. As our horse clip-clopped through the ancient streets, we thought how it must have been to be on the Grand Tour in the 1800’s. Especially coming from the Eastern United States. Can you imagine how grand it all would have been to a girl like Louisa May Alcott from Concord, Massachusetts? I’ll have to look up her journals at the library and see if she detailed her thoughts on Rome. 

We spent a little time admiring the Arch of Constantine and the outside of the Colosseum but none of us were quite up to going inside yet (don’t worry, we did get there.) So we picked up a taxi and went back to our room to rest and, I believe, watch Roman Holiday…thank goodness our B&B had a nice stock of movies! That afternoon, we caught another cab and explored the wonderful Borghesie Gallery…but that museum deserves a post of its own.

So, on that note, let me quickly update you on why this had taken so long to get to. After getting well, we were rushing a little to get everything in and our internet time was limited. Then, when we returned, I truly believe that every third person in Chicago was sneezing and yours truly picked up a truly dreadful cold type virus. After a week on cold meds and with my symptoms getting worse, I headed to the doctor for a round of antibiotics which took their own sweet time working. Let me put it this way, I got home on the 3rd of April and today is the 18th and while I’m not quite well yet…I can see it from here. So, now that I can think well enough to write, I’ll be busy posting. I’ve got four book reviews coming, a small project I finished and I’m working on a another rescue of the sewing room. Look forward to lots of posts in the next few days!

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