Roman Holiday, Part 2

Do you ever have that experience of not remembering where you left off in a story? I believe I already wrote about my mom’s stomach flu and my scramble to the Borghesie Gallery to plead for a change in our tickets. We spent most of the remainder of the day hanging out with mom watching movies but, last night, Paula found an Irish pub just two block from the hotel with live music. Off we went to dinner and then to Fiddler’s Elbow where we listened to a Swiss cover band play English and American rock! So we were listening to a Swiss band in an Irish pub playing British and American music in Rome…very multinational! On our way home, we stopped for gelato because how often can you have gelato at midnight? It just seemed like the right thing to do.

Our gelato place on the corner is amazing, last night we tried chocolate and hazelnut. Both were wonderful.
This morning, Mom woke up weak and tired and Paula woke up with the bug. So off I went to the Vatican to change more tickets. It was my first experience riding the metro in Rome and getting to the Red Line was like wandering into the bowels of the earth! If we did one more staircase down, I was certain I might have the chance to meet Hades face to face!
I did make it to the Vatican on my own, though, with minimal help from helpful Italians and exchanged our tickets for a different day. Again I was asked if I would prefer to speak French (my daughter called that one, didn’t she?) However, the tickets are exchanged and I spent a lovely twenty minutes or so in St. Peter’s square just soaking up the sun and the atmosphere. Then back to the hotel when the metro ride only included one staircase (how can that work?)
I’m going to head out to add minutes to my mobile phone and hope that my mom may be up to the bus ride this afternoon. Of course, now my big prayer is to stay healthy myself!


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