And Another Finish!

World Without End

I feel like I should have a fanfare trumpeting this finish, it was that long in the making but here it is! This is the top I pieced on the beach weekend with my husband, the quilt I didn’t finish two Christmases ago and the quilt I was also able to deliver when I went to California. (The only thing better than delivering one gift quilt in person is delivering two!)

So, while I was posting my “Block of the Day” (which I am woefully behind on!) I was posting quite a few World Without End blocks, and, in spite of the finish, I’m still going to be posting quite a few but the first quilt is finished! Yes, the first one. You see, my younger daughter was so intrigued with the quilt for my sister’s middle child, Myles, that she wants one now! So, it’s a finish of a UFO but it’s non-impact on the UFO list because it generated a new UFO! What’s that saying about one step forward two steps back? Maybe it should be one UFO finished one UFO started?
Anyway, enough whining about the UFO’s, my theory has always been that many quilters are made because of a desire to finish someone else’s UFO and I’m planning to inspire a lot of new quilters! (That’s my story, anyway…do you like it?)

This is my favorite shot of this quilt, by the way, all wrapped around Myles…after all, what is a quilt gift anyway but a tangible manifestation of our love for the person, a portable hug?

My favorite shot of this quilt!
Well, that’s all the time I can steal this morning, we have snow and a two-hour school start delay which means I need to get some kids out to play in the snow before it vanishes!
Happy Quilting,

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