“Eye of the Sword” is Fun, Fast-Paced Fantasy

First, let me say that Fantasy is not usually my genre but I was in the mood to try something new and I wasn’t disappointed.  The story revolves around a young man with a previously dark past who must prove himself to the King in hopes of someday winning the princess.  The princess, however, has a quest of her own…to reunite three harps that will restore the connection between Heaven and Earth.  The planets are aligning to make the reunion possible, an event that will only happen once every two hundre years. Trevin and Melaia’s hopes seem destined to failure when the evil prince of Dregmoor convinces Melaia’s father to consider a marriage to bring peace and protection to Camrithia.

This book will take you on a wild ride of hope, despair, desparation and courage.  Just when things look their blackest, changes will occur.  Though I enjoyed the book (and plan to go back and read the first one) I still have a question about the Fantasy genre.  It seems to me that so much time is taken up creating the world that the story doesn’t flow as well as it could.  For instance, the character of Trevin becomes a  “Comain” which, it turns out, is pretty much a knight.  Given the option, I’d rather my stories didn’t require so much in the way of new language and, instead, focused on  giving more of what “Eye of the Sword” did well…strong characters, interesting plot twists and turns and good prose.

I think this series would be a hit with Junior High grades and up, but I would hesitate to recommend it for any younger as there is a fair amount of violence and darkness.

This book was provided to me for this review by Waterbrook Press, I am not required to give a favorable review, just my honest opinion.

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