“Everything Romance” – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Looking for a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day? “Everything Romance” from Waterbrook Press has all the sweet with none of the calories! (Unless, of course, you try one of the many tempting recipes scattered throughout the book.) This book is like the proverbial box of chocolates. Each page offers a different piece of lovely trivia about, well, love. There are quotes about love from everyone from Mark Twain to St. Paul in addition to recipes, date night ideas, short stories and poems. There are “love busters” scattered throughout the book as ideas of what not to do if you want to promote romance in your relationship. There’s even a section of ideas on being a “green” couple.

There is truly something in this book for everyone. For instance, do you happen to know how many calories you burn per hour kissing? Or how the tradition of carrying the bride across the threshold started? My personal favorite is a letter from Abraham Lincoln to Mary Todd.

So, if you’re looking for little inspiration in the romance department or, if you just want a book that celebrates this most intriguing and mysterious of human emotions, pick up a copy of “Everyday Romance.” It’s just like chocolate, fun for Valentine’s but good for every day of the year!

This book was provided to me by WaterBrook Press as part of their Blogging for Books Program. Want to win a free book? Just follow the link here to rank this review and you’ll be entered to win a free book.

One response to ““Everything Romance” – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Sounds cute. Thanks for your review. :O)

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