Further Adventures in Redecorating

So, the headboard and pillow were a hit with my younger daughter and I decided yesterday it was time to move on to the valances.  After all, I knew what  I wanted to do, how hard could it be?

Well, when you’re a perfectionist nothing is ever easy.  I once read a quote that “Perfectionists take infinite pains, and give them to everyone else!”  When the time came to make the valances I discovered a very important fact….the two windows in that room are different sizes!  Not just by an inch or two, either.  One window is 26″ wide and the other is 33″.  My plan was to make valances with a straight drop and then an angle but it’s hard to make matching angles on different sizes. 

Now, I’ve really been working at releasing some of my more obsessive tendencies and I decided just to go ahead with making them and see if it looked bad.  After all, I still have six yards of the fabric! 

So, I made the first one and it came out like this

The wider window
Then I made the second one.

The narrower window

Of course, the first thing I realized after I put them up was that the windows being on different walls meant that you never really looked at them together.  So, after all my worrying about how they would look and if I should somehow make the angle the same for each…I think they look fine.
Tomorrow, I have a very quick room project to do.  I bought a really cute dust ruffle at the thrift store for a whopping $5.  It’s got a nice, green ultrasuede style skirt but it was queen size.  I’ve made my notes and washed the dust ruffle and tomorrow I intend to take 22″ off the width and 5″ off the length to make it fit a twin bed.  Also, tomorrow I have the day off and, if I can get my head cold under control, I intend to spend the whole day sewing!  Well, sewing and cleaning and learning to French Braid (it’s a long story…)
Happy Quilting!

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