The “Resolutionary War”

Isn’t that a great term “The Resolutionary War?”  My younger daughter coined that when we were walking out of the mall last week and I was congratulating myself on staying out of the chocolate shop.  I told her I was going to appropriate the phrase and use it here. (So, yes, I’m using it with permission!)

Last week, my husband and I started our Paleo adventure and, just like a man, he’s dropped 12 pounds on the scale already..isn’t that great?  I, on the other hand, am not going to step on a scale until my jeans are loose.  I can tell they are a little looser already.  I’m taking them off at night without a complete roadmap of the waistband etched in my skin and the back looks just a tad more wrinkled.  So far, I’ve only used one of my freebies and that was to have tea and scones with a couple of friends this morning.  Honestly, they were lovely but not so much that I can’t wait to have them again.

As far as my Flylady goals, we have successfully kept the sink shining all week and now I’m working on the next step.

With my quilting goals I’ve been working on my “something old, something new, something borrowed, something batik” for the first four.  Something old is a baby quilt I’ve been working on since I was pregnant with Sarah.  I put it away as a “best” quilt top but then never finished it and got it basted a few years ago for hand quilting.  It’s an Irish Chain and I’m quilting crosshatching in the squares and a heart wreath motif in the centers.  This week I finished one heart motif and marked and started another. I also got a chance to teach Sarah a little hand quilting and snap a shot of my “baby” working on her “baby” quilt.

On my batik project, I got all the blocks together and am ready to cut and add borders.  I’m hoping to have this basted and under the needle this weekend.

My houses from scraps were all caught up on the 8th.  After making the first four individually, I decided that my chain-piecing-loving-self couldn’t handle this one-at-a-time process.  So I cut four houses, chain assembled the parts and finished getting them up to date.  For this week, I’ve cut seven sets of paper foundations and will chain piece another seven.  I’ve got a bag of odd-sized scraps that I’m using first and planning to add to it as I clean.  It’s amazing what you may find on the sewing room floor!  Here’s a shot of the first eight.  Aren’t they cute?

First eight houses hanging out on the batik border fabric

I’ve not gotten to something borrowed yet but I’m pulling fabrics for something new.  Actually, there’s two something news to work on but they’re both a surprise so no photos for a while.

In the meantime, I’ve got four book  reviews to catch up.  I’m finding myself in the awkward position of really disliking a book so that should be a challenge to write!  I expect to like the other two much more and there’s a new fiction on the way.

My other exciting news is that we booked our tickets last night for Rome in March…which means I’d better get cracking and finish up my London Tales before I have an entirely new set of photos to show.

Lots of fun and excitement here…I’m hoping there’s lots of good stuff going on in your life, too.

Happy quilting!

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