A Headboard Adventure!

My youngest daughter wanted to redecorate her room and for her birthday (in July) we gave her a budget for spiffing up things and my brother and niece gave her a promissory note for paint. Well, with the painting of the house dragging on and on, we didn’t get around to painting the room until just last week when I had a few days off. Now that the room was very, very purple, it was time to tackle making a padded headboard with a nice upholstery fabric I found at the thrift store for $9 (for 10+ yards!)

My husband had some plywood in the garage so he drafted a curve and cut out the piece. We decided to use buttons to add more interest and, after lots of discussion, made a diamond pattern on the back. My husband drilled where each button would go. Then we covered the plywood with Nu-Foam using a spray adhesive and cut it to fit the curves.
The headboard with the foam attached.

Then we put the fabric next to the foam and began pulling it around to the back and stapling it. We started with the sides and worked the curves very carefully to avoid puckers.

Draping the fabric

The headboard with the foam attached.

After the fabric is stapled

Next, it was time to play with our covered buttons! After changing our minds a couple of times, we ended up making 24 to fit out design. Lucky for us that they were on sale for half-price!

Buttons and more buttons (the big ones aren't for the headboard)

I used a long darning needle and a piece of upholstery thread that I doubled before threading it in the needle to put each button through the pre-drilled hole. I put the needle through, attached the button, then pushed the needle back through the hole. After the button was in place, Phil stapled across the hole so I could use the staple to tie the threads off to. It seemed to take a while but eventually all 24 buttons were in place.

All buttoned up!

Now all that remained was to mount it on the wall. I had seen really nice wall mounts at a fabric store but they were $22 for one and you needed two so Phil went to Home Depot, spent $5 and came back and made his own slip bracket. (It’s so nice having such a talented husband!)

Bracket on the newly painted wall


Brackets on the back of the headboard

After that, all that remained was to make the bed and take pictures.

There are still valances and fabric bins to make out of the plaid fabric and a bookcase to sand and paint but I was so excited with the success of the headboard that I whipped out this little pillow from an old pillow form that I wrapped in some leftover batting.

So, that wraps up the headboard project. Now it’s on to the valances, bins, bookcase and making new Roman shades for my breakfast room. I love how a finish helps you get so much energy for the next project!

Happy quilting! (and sewing or stapling)

3 responses to “A Headboard Adventure!

  1. Fantastic job Beth.Youe and your husband are very talented.

  2. Wow! What a great headboard…and what a great deal on the fabric! You and your DH are very talented! I’m sure your DD loves it all!

  3. That is just soooooo fabulous…

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