Make Time for “The Encounter” by Stephen Arterburn

Mega-successful entrepreneur, Jonathan Rush has it all and then some. However, when we meet him, he is flying in his private jet to Fairbanks in the dead of winter. His goal is not another business deal but instead dealing with a mystery from his own past…why did his mother abandon him when he was four years old? Jonathan’s search for answers may bring him peace, if he’s ready to forgive what he finds.
I have to say, I really liked “The Encounter.” The book is well-written, moves along at a good clip and doesn’t linger in the “preachy” aisle. The broken businessman character is well-developed and strikes a true note. The reasons for his abandonment seem a little less well-developed but still nicely done. The book’s focus is forgiveness and letting go and includes a series of questions at the end that would be great to work through alone or in a book club or Bible study. Our youth pastor once told the kids that unforgiveness is like drinking arsenic and wondering why the person you are mad at isn’t getting sick. If you’ve been sipping the arsenic of bitterness, you may find that “The Encounter” helps you find the strength and impetus to break free and forgive.

This book was provided to me for this review by Thomas Nelson through the Booksneeze program.

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