I Hereby Resolve…

I readily admit, I’m a resolutions person.  Now, that doesn’t mean I every achieve them but I love making them!  This year, I’ve decided to “go public” with my resolutions so that I can help myself achieve them.

My first goal is a remodeling project and the remodel is…me!  I’ve put on a tremendous amount of weight and I’ve got to take it off before I really give myself a health issue.  I’m not doing the whole “face the scale here’s your starting weight” thing though.  Instead, my husband and I are starting a Paleo-style diet tomorrow and our goal is to hit 90% on our eating.  Since Paleo is a higher protein, low carb, no sugar kind of diet, it will take some adjusting especially for me as I am a sugar lover!  Since you have twenty-one meals in a week, we’ve decided that we can each have two indulges a week, either together or separate but not more than two.  Instead of watching the scale, I intend to watch my behavior.  I have a great audio book from Pam Young that I’m moving to my ipod for inspiration and I’ll be using it to help change my behaviors.  As far as exercise, my goal is five days per week, either Zumba or my Nordic Track.

So, if I’m not watching the scale, you may be wondering how I’ll gauge my success.   It’s all in the jeans.  I know how tight my jeans are at the moment and when the size 14s I’m wearing right now get too loose, then I’ll step on a scale.  When the next size down gets loose, I’ll step on a scale then, too.  In the past I’ve had too much of a temptation that if I’ve eaten like a crazy woman and the scale is down, then it’s an invitation to eat crazy more!  So expect to see updates on my “good days of eating” rather than the number of pounds lost.    I’m really excited that my husband and I are tackling this together, it’s great to have a partner!

My next goal is a type of remodel, too, but this time on the house.  For years I’ve been a big fan of Flylady and I’ve made a lot of improvement in my house but it still gets very out of control…why?  Because I don’t follow her directions very well!  So, my second goal is to follow Flylady’s directions for de-cluttering and maintaining my home.  15 minutes a day of de-cluttering, one daily mission and shining my sink.  I’ve got my control journal made and I’m definitely motivated!

As for quilting goals (my favorite ones!), I have several.  First, I’ve joined a Building Houses from Scraps challenge.  This is an internet challenge without many rules…just make little houses from your scraps with the goal being one per day.  You can read more about it here.

I’ve also decided to prioritize some of my finishes I want to do so I’ve decided to base my finishes on the old wedding rhyme.  I’ve decided to finish “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something…”well, maybe not blue since the first one is batik but you get the idea.  My something old is a hand quilting project from when I was pregnant with Sarah (she’s 20), my something new, well, it’s a surprise so you’ll have to wait and see, my something borrowed is a quilt from clothing belonging to a friend’s son.  Then, as I finish one, I’ll put a new quilt into that category.  I’ve got lots of old to choose from!  I still plan to work on my block a day just to keep things moving!  I wonder how long blocks have to sit before they qualify as something old?

So, that’s it for my resolutions.  Today, my sink is shiny, my house block is done, and I’ve de-cluttered a bunch of papers from the office.  Later, I should have a book review  up and a tomorrow I’m hoping to show a how-to on the headboard we made for my younger daughter’s room.

Happy Quilting!


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