DIY Block of the Month for December – Carolyn’s Star

Carolyn's Star

Our dear friend and tea buddy, Carolyn, was the person to choose the December DIY block and, as her home was full of children and puppies, the block got to me a bit later than I hoped! This is a simple post for me because all I have to do is direct you here where the lovely Marcia Hohn of Quilters Cache has done all the work of designing and explaining how to make this lovely block. After making it, I did think that I would like to try it with just three colors instead of four…maybe a star with blue points and a white star inside it on a red backgound for a patriotic quilt? I’ll put that on the to-do list. In the meantime, pop over to Marcia’s site and pick up the directions for Carolyn’s Star. Don’t let little pieces intimidate you.

So, that wraps up the DIY block of the month. We may do the series again but I wont know for sure until after the January tea. In the meantime, I’m working on a setting for my blocks. I was all set to make them into giant Sawtooth stars with the blocks as centers but then I saw how much fabric I had left from the fat quarters and, well, it looks like another setting is in the works…I can’t leave all that nice, nautical fabric lying around!

I think I set a record for most blog posts I’ve ever done in a day so my apologies if I’ve worn you out.  As for me, I’m off to bed as soon as my “fozzy” robe is out of the dryer….my cat LOVES my robe and I would not be allowed to go to bed without it.   Easy to see who rules the roost at my house. 

So, until tomorrow when I want to share pictures of our new padded headboard for our younger daughter’s room, good night and happy quilting!


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