I Think You’ll Love “When the Heart Cries”

After having a lackluster response to “The Christmas Singing” I was tempted to pass on “When the Heart Cries” by Cindy Woodsmall…and I am so glad I didn’t!   To me, “Christmas Singing” felt shallow and contrived where “When the Heart Cries” has terrific characters, a great story and an instant connection to the reader (or at least this reader.)  The characters aren’t one dimensional Amish stereotypes, the book features a cast of strong characters with strong emotions including some that aren’t very pretty.

The main character, Hannah, struggles with the conflict that loving a Mennonite boy brings to her life as an Old Order Amish girl.   Just when she’s feeling that her life is heading in a direction of her choosing, a tragic encounter changes everything.  While Hannah and her family try to come to grips with aftermath of what happens, she feels her entire world spinning off course.  As the safe but constraining world she’s always known becomes hostile, she makes a heartbreaking decision that will affect her and her entire family.

“When the Heart Cries” is the first in the Sisters of the Quilt trilogy and, in my opinion, you should just go ahead and buy the three-books-in-one trilogy.  I’m confident that after reading “When the Heart Cries”, you’ll be just as eager to read the next two books as I was!

This book was provided to me for this review by Waterbrook Press through the blogging for books program.

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