Block a day update 11-30-11

This is going to be a quick update to let you know that I haven’t forgotten my block of the day, I’ve just been laid up with a dog bite.  Long story, but I got bit the day before Thanksgiving and even though I was on antibiotics, it got swollen and colorful and very, very painful.  On Monday, I went to the doctor who (skip this is you are easily grossed out) took the stitches back out and drained the wound with what felt like extensive poking and prodding!

On Tuesday, I went back in for them to pack my wound but they decided against it (whew!)  and gave me an iv antibiotics treatment instead.  That put both hands somewhat out of commission as they left the line in for today and they padded and wrapped my wrist so the needle wouldn’t shift.  The newest antibiotic boosted by the shot on Monday and the iv on Tuesday seems to be doing the trick.  As of today, I can touch all four fingers to my thumb but not make a fist.  This is however, a huge improvement!

Within this story are a whole bunch of things to be thankful for, especially that my oldest and my niece were there when it happened so one could take over my day and the other one took me in for stitches.  The funniest thing that happened occurred after I came home from being stitched up.  I was pretty shaken and the girls settled me in with a cup of tea and a gluten-free scone.  Sarah asked if I wanted a book and brought me the one I’d been reading….Healing is a Choice!  I found it extremely funny!

I did manage a few minutes of machine quilting one day but not enough to mean much.  Today, however, I intend to celebrate being able to reach my fingers by whipping up a couple of the eternal WWE blocks and trying the machine quilting again.

The whole episode did, of course, completely throw off my plans to finish shopping by tomorrow so it’s off to the internet with wish lists in hand!  Maybe I can still be done by the 7th?

Happy quilting!



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