Block a Day Update 11-22-11

Thanksgiving, already?!!! That’s about how I feel every year but an early Thanksgiving seems like a gift this year as it gives me nearly a week before my goal date of December 1st to have all my shopping and wrapping and errands done by. (FYI – I set the same goal every year and, if I make it this year, it will be the first year since my twenties!)

So, on the sewing front…I tend to get bored easily and thought I needed a quick break from the World Without End blocks. Because I tend to get bored easily, I have plenty of UFO’s handy to work on. I pulled out a basket quilt I started in a class with a dear friend years ago. The fabrics are from our Quilter’s Tea when we did Birds and Butterflies as a category and, I think, some from our Floral exchange. Now, I did decide to use my WWE (World Without End) blocks as leaders & enders so I made a new basket block but I also got two WWE blocks out of the process.

I made basket blocks on two different days

First Basket block with two WWE Leader/ender blocks

Ano another block with it's accompanying WWE blocks!

Most of the work I’ve been doing since my last update has been machine quilting. I finally finished the last of the charity quilts that I made with my daycare kids this summer. My younger daughter helped with the teaching and sewing and sewed with the younger kids. I did the machine quilting and the binding. We did a quick run to the quilt shop to turn in their work and the owner and staff were so very gracious! They really went out of their way to make the kids feel special and thank them for all their work. (If you’re in my neck of the woods, do stop in at The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego…it’s a terrific quilt shop!)

The other quilting project I’ve been working on this week is for my friend, Connie, and I’ve been machine quilting this beautiful floral quilt she made.

Six charity quilts, ready to find new homes.

Close up of the quilting...see the fabric in the front? That was my fabric in our Authors exchange!

I was hoping to have this one done this weekend but I hit a snag Saturday night when I coughed while riding in the car and pinched something in my shoulder! For about two hours I walked around clutching the front of my jacket until the heat pack and anti-inflamitories kicked in! Now, my revised goal is to finish by Friday. I also have another impediment to quilting as quickly as I’d like

My quilting assistant...Zoe!

Miss Zoe LOVES to lay on quilts in progress. It’s funny, she seems to love laying on quilts in progress even more than the finished ones…maybe she loves being part of the creative process?

Either way, my goal is to have that quilt finished and trimmed by Friday evening. Then I’m planning to add the last blocks to the batick quilt and cut borders. In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of UFO blocks to keep me busy and give me plenty of variety.

So, whatever you’re working on, I hope it’s giving you lots of joy and creative energy!

Happy quilting,

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