Block a Day Update 11-11-11

Don’t you just love that date 11-11-11?  And next year we get 12-12-12!  So, I’ve been struggling all week trying to figure out how to get my new smart phone to upload photos directly to my computer so I can use them in these posts but, guess what, apparently, the driver for Windows 7 64-bit is, well, possibly non-existent!  My husband and I spent an hour on the phone last night with the nice lady from Verizon but no luck.  So, I’m back to emailing the photos to myself until further notice.

So, backing up to last Friday (technically, the one before last) when I was on my way out the door for the beach with my husband.  I decided to pack the World Without End batik quilt and my featherweight.  On Saturday, while my husband watched some football and after a lovely walk on the beach, I pulled out all the blocks and used the second bed in our room as my design “wall.” 

My design "wall"

There was a nice little desk in the room so I commandeered it for my sewing area.
My trusty Featherweight
By Saturday evening I had all the blocks and rows together.

The blocks sewn together

However, after seeing them together, I realized that the quilt really needed one more row of blocks.  I was so glad I had done all the extra cutting for the second quilt so I could just whip up a few more blocks!  On Monday, I made these blocks. 

Monday blocks

On Tuesday, I added these.

Tuesday blocks.

By Wednesday, I had enough variety to put blocks together and I had found one block lurking in the sewing room so I put together these seven blocks.

7 blocks ready for the extra row


Thursday was hectic, hectic, hectic as the kids were out of school for some teacher work day and I had nine of them all day.  I’m not sure what possesses me to do these things sometimes, but I took all nine to the movies including the 20-month old.  Now, he wasn’t “bad” but he was just exhausting.  He wanted to babble all through the movie, and squirm, and babble some more.  Frankly, I can’t even tell you how the movie was as I was so busy trying to keep him occupied and quiet!  The kids enjoyed it, though and it was a fun change of pace for them.   So, by the end of the day, all I had in me were these two little blocks.

Tired Thursday blocks.

We did also on Thursday manage to get the borders on the last of the charity quilts that the kids pieced this summer.  I’m planning to quilt it today along with a quilt I’m doing for a friend.  This way we can drop all the kids’ quilts off at the shop on Wednesday when they have early release. 

Friday was Veterans’ Day and my husband is a Vietnam Vet so I took the day off and my younger daughter and I took him and my brother (a former soldier as well) to lunch at our favorite place, The Hawthorne Fish House.  They have the BEST gluten-free fish and chips, ever!  Actually, I’ve been nagging them to add onion rings and they are coming next week!  Happy dance!  I haven’t had an onion ring in four years!  (Can you tell I’m excited?)

I don’t have a photo of my Friday piecing yet but I pieced something a little different….batting!  I took the batting scraps of all the little charity quilts the kids did and put them back together using a wide zigzag stitch to make a new batting for this latest quilt.    I’ll try to post a photo later.

So, today’s agenda….paint if the weather cooperates, baste two quilts, machine quilt, catch up on Flylady’s Cruise Through the Holidays missions.  Oh, and go get a pedicure this afternoon with the gift certificate my dear friend gave me for my birthday!  That being said, I’d best get on it!

Happy quilting,


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