Block a day update 11-3-11

I finally felt like I had enough variety to put some more blocks together and I knew I needed 16 (it was 17 but I found one in my sewing room.) So I used my little blocks I’m been making and put them together into new, larger four-patches to make 8″ finished blocks. I laid it all out and discovered that I needed two more blocks! So my final block count for Sunday was 18 large blocks and one 1/4 unit block that I made as my new leader/ender project block.  (If you’re not familiar with leader/enders, check out Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville webside and be sure to find out about her new mystery quilt while you’re there!)

The quilt layout with all 18 of the new blocks

On Monday, I knew I should start putting rows together but by the time the trick or treaters were gone I was worn out!  This was the first time I haven’t gone out with one of my girls but I was still coughing and hacking and sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.  So I made these five little blocks instead.

Monday Blocks

On Tuesday, I decided that the whole quilt layout was even numbers and I could tackle the construction by making (you guessed it!) even bigger four-patches!  So I picked up a set of blocks and made these big blocks and one little block – the little block was just the outcome of using pieces as the leaders and enders.

Two big four-patches (and one little one)

I decided I couldn’t let one poor four-patch go unsewn in that row so I made one more.  I’m not sure why it’s easier for me to put this quilt together in smaller units.  I think it may be because I usually sew the entire top together in one or two sittings when I start doing rows and I’m enjoying trying a slower approach!

Last four patch for the bottom row (no block left behind!)

On Wednesday, I was so tired (did I mention I’m still on antibiotics for a respitory infection?  I’m not usually such a wimp!) that I only made one large four-patch and then I took my sorry self to bed before 10 pm!

Wednesday's block


Thursday, I made the next block for the block of the month but I’m setting it into a separate post and it will be up today!

So, I’m off the the beach this weekend with my husband and I decided that a girl needs to bring along a few necessities….my featherweight, my batik blocks (and maybe border fabric), a small cutter and mat and perhaps a bit of hand work….after all, it’s a mini vacation, right?

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