Pick Up the Phone Because There’s “Love on the Line”

Now, say I told you, “Let’s mix together one Texas Ranger, one Robin Hood-style train bandit, one independent telephone operator and toss the whole thing together with the Audubon Society. What do you think?” Well, I shudder to consider your answer but if you voted against it, you’d be wrong! Deeanne Gist takes those elements and weaves them together into a “don’t-want-to-put-it-down” story with terrific elements of history, drama, suspense and just enough love story.

Georgie Gail is a small town switchboard operator (which is fascinating in itself and Gist really shows she’s done her research in the details) who ends up crossing paths with a famous outlaw and a famous lawman…the problem is knowing which man is really on the right side.

Georgie is an adorable character.  She’s an independent, strong-minded young woman with passionate opinions and an agenda of her own.   Watching her clash with the Texas lawman is one of the highlights of this story.

Love is on the Line” is peopled with terrific small town characters and a wonderful sense of place.  I found that Gist’s town  comes to life vividly without being overdone.  Her descriptive prose is delightful  like this description of a group of boys listening in on a party line. “To his right, a group of boys between the ages of five and twelves faced the wall. They’d pressed themselves together so tightly, their bums looked like a cluster of oversized grapes.”

I wouldn’t say that the plot was a shocker as I spotted the outcome way in the distance but it was a bit like watching a train go by – just because you see the  caboose in the distance doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying the view!

Put this book on your reading list, you’ll be glad you did!

This book was provided to me by Bethany House for this review.

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