“The Christmas Singing” is Sweet but not very Satisfying

My husband is a huge fan of apple fritters but he rarely buys them because often they are, as he says, “just full of dough and sugar – no apples” which just about sums up how I felt about “The Christmas Singing.” This is a sweet but predictable romance set in the Amish society. Mattie, our leading lady, has gotten over her disappointment in love and is happily ensconced in her cake baking business but unexpected events force her home for a while where she encounters her first love again.

I was drawn to this title for the chance to peek into the Amish world but ended up feeling like I never really left my living room. The characters are likable and well-drawn and the story ties together well. Mattie is a fun heroine in that she has a bit of tartness to her character as well as a jealous streak that keeps her from being to “goody-goody”.

If you’re looking for something to read by the fire with a cup of cocoa and you don’t want anything too substantial, this is a good read. The romance is light and sweet but there aren’t a whole lot of apples in the filling.  It wont keep you up past your bedtime but you’ll probably have sweet dreams! 

This book was provided to me free from the Blogging for Books program for this review.

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