Block a Day Update 10-30-11

It’s almost the end of week 2 of my block a day challenge and I’m so excited because some of my friends on the Flylady Quilters Group on Yahoo have joined in.  Take a look at my friend Dona’s blog here to see the blocks she’s made! 

It was a busy week at my house as my oldest daughter turned 20 on Wednesday!  Such a wonderful young woman she has become!    I’m so please and proud to be blessed with her in my life. 

So, with all the cooking and celebrating, I didn’t hit all my days but I did make these blocks on Monday

Monday's blocks


Then I made these blocks on Tuesday

Tuesday Blocks


With all the running around on Wednesday for the birthday, I didn’t get in any sewing time and Thursday I spent coughing and slouching around so I didn’t sew either day, but on Friday I got back on track and made these

Friday Blocks

 Earlier I said that I wished I’d not sewn my blocks together before I knew I needed more because it’s harder to get that scrappy effect with fewer fabrics.  So, I got out the batiks that my tea group had exchanged and cut them into 4.5″ and 2.5″ strips.  With the aid of my Easy Angle Ruler, I was able to cut my triangles and squares for this block with only one size of strip.  (I figure if I have extras then that is just a start on the quilt my younger daughter wants.)

So, with the influx of fabrics and my need to “lay low and rest” to get better, I made these today

Saturday's Blocks (all 43 of them!)

 I’m not quite done sewing for today so there may still be a block or two but I can always put them in a separate photo.  I think I have enough variations now to start making blocks again but I think I’ll count them, just in case!  Either way, I’ve got a nice big stack of cut squares and triangles to make more with lots of wonderful colors.  I think I’m needing a little more in the orange/red family but I’m sure it will all come together.  I’ve got a yummy blue/aqua batik for the border on  this and can’t wait to see it put together. 

Oh, and while I was taking pictures with my new phone, I couldn’t resist taking this picture of my Zoe cat.  She loves hanging out in the sewing room with me (she has an affinity for fabric, too!)

Zoe, in charge of quality control!

Happy Quilting!

2 responses to “Block a Day Update 10-30-11

  1. Beautiful blocks… and Zoe, Quality Control Queen, is on the job!
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Love your blocks and I too have been following along with your challenge. I have several UFOs lurking about and this may be the push I need to get them finished up!

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