Block a Day Update….I’m loving this challenge!

So I started my new challenge and my goal was to make at least one block (minimum four pieces) per day.  My primary reason was to force myself to take a little time to be creative each day and here are the results so far!

Two years ago I gave my niece a promissory quilt for Christmas…basically a table runner showing her what her real quilt would look like.  Fast forward and the quilt still isn’t done and the guilt is piling up.  So, I’ve put the blocks for that one at the top of my list and here’s what I did on Monday

Monday, 10-18-11 Six Blocks

There are actually twelve blocks there but they were all already sewn into half-blocks so I figure that sewing twelve of them together equaled six blocks.

After making these blocks, I laid the quilt out and discovered it needs at least 17 more blocks so I went back to making the four-patch units that make 1/4 of a  block.

On Tuesday, I made 9 of these

Tuesday, October 19th, 9 blocks!

 Because I thought I was finished making blocks, I’m going to need a lot of variety for the next set so I changed to a different color of big triangle and made these 9 blocks

Wednesday, October 19th - Nine Blocks!

 I have to tell you I’m so excited about this new challenge.  It’s not like I am going to be whipping finishes out at this rate, but I will be making steady progress!

Anyone up to making a block a day along with me? 

P.S.  I may have to make a whole lot more of these, my youngest daughter is totally intrigued with this quilt and wants one as soon as I finish her Bow Tie quilt!




4 responses to “Block a Day Update….I’m loving this challenge!

  1. I’m doing a block a week on my Jacob’s Ladder QAL and another block per week on the Civil War BOM… the rest of my quilty time between now and the holidays is dedicated to finishing up projects intended as gifts.

    I do like your blocks and can see why your daughter is intrigued with them!

  2. Sounds great! I’d love to see it….what’s QAL?

  3. Just up my alley! I love your blocks – simple, quick and great looking. Now what size are those? Off to make one for today.

  4. Angie, they finish four inches. With the Easy Angle ruler (or Omnigrid equivalent) I can just cut two sizes of strips 4.5″ and 2.5″ and get all my squares and triangles from those…such fun! I have more to post later today!

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