“The Crossing” by Serita Jakes

Reading “The Crossing” is like peeling an onion, every time you think you know what is coming next, there is another layer.

Tragedy strikes a small town when a gunman boards a bus waiting at a railroad crossing and shoots a popular teacher. The train continues to rumble past as paramedics wait helplessly on the wrong side of the tracks and the teacher slowly bleeds out. Everyone in town is shaken by the shooting but some of the students on the bus never really recover. The murder is never solved.

Ten years later, an assistant district attorney reopens the case hoping to find closure that will help his wife heal from her post-traumatic stress. Instead of healing, his probing into the case threatens to drive her deeper into anxiety. Despite her desire for him to let it go, he dives in with the help of a disgraced police officer who was also a student on that bus.

From tragic beginning to the startling conclusion, Jakes keeps us reading with an engaging narrative and a very believable cast of characters. “The Crossing” is not a “this is a Christian book so let’s make it all end pretty” kind of book. It’s a hard-hitting, gritty look at the difficulty of dealing with PTSD and how the past can keep you from moving forward.

I give this book a five out of five with the disclaimer that you shouldn’t start reading it at night unless you can sleep in the next day! This one was hard to put down!

I received this book free for this review through the Blogging for Books Program.

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