Pack a Bag for “Departures” by Robin Jones Gunn

First, I have to admit that I had never read a Christy Miller or Sierra Jensen novel before I picked up a copy of “Departures” by Robin Jones Gunn. I had read one or two of her Sisterchicks books and found them enjoyable enough to pick “Departures” to review.

As far as a good, solid, relatable YA or Middle grades story, I give this one 5 stars. The book is actually a pair of novellas where the characters of Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen have a brief encounter while heading to separate vacations. Both stories revolve around boys and crushes (no surprise for a YA chick-lit novel) and both involve a fair amount of introspective thinking on the part of the main characters. Both are told in an effective, first person voice that makes you feel you could have met (or been) either one of these girls at some time.

Gunn’s stories are a breath of fresh air in the Christian Lit market where too many of the characters are preachy or boring. Both Christie and Sierra crackle with real-life energy and both face situations that make readers of any age feel a sense of camaraderie and friendship.

If you’re passing through puberty or you can hardly remember being young, you’ll enjoy “Departures.” The characters are well drawn, settings are realistic and the stories are down-to-earth enough to be familiar but fresh. If you’re looking for a quick afternoon read or a gift for a younger reader (middle grades or up), you’ll enjoy taking a mental vacation with “Departures.”

This book was provided to me in exchange for this review by the Blogging for Books program.

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