A Lot to Like in “There You’ll Find Me”

The cast of characters in “There You’ll Find Me” may sound a little hackneyed, but Jenny B. Jones pulls you right into the story and gives the characters an authentic voice that makes them more real than stereotype.  The story centers around Finley, a grieving hotel heiress, who goes on a study abroad to Ireland retracing the footsteps of the brother she lost.

Along the way, her paths cross with a misunderstood teen idol, a crotchety old woman and the campus mean girl.  “There You’ll Find Me” deals frankly and fairly with issues of grief, loss, being bullied and misunderstood.  I think YA readers and  non-YA readers will fall for Finley and empathize with her trials.

For me, the only downside of this novel was that one of the characters, Ireland itself, was nearly non-existent even though a big theme is the retracing of the brother’s travels in Ireland.  The sense of place was lacking enough that the study abroad could have been anywhere and the story would have worked nearly as well.  So, if you’re looking for a trip abroad, pick a different book.  If you’re looking for a solid cast of characters and an uplifting, realistic journey from grief to acceptance, with all the pitfalls along the way and a nice little love story on the side, then get yourself a copy of “There You’ll Find Me.”  You’ll like what you find there!

I received this book free as part of the Book Sneeze blogger review program.




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