Help is always “One Call Away”


There’s nothing like hearing a survivor tell their story and Brenda Warner tells her story of trials and triumphs with a blend of grace and humility. From her life as a young Marine receiving the kind of call no parent ever wants to hear to the devastating loss of both parents, Brenda recounts her story without attempting to sanctify herself for the reader. She invites us into her memories with a refreshing amount of candor about both her triumphs and her mistakes. Without being preachy, she shares how her faith sustained her. “One Call Away” also provides a “sneak peek” into the life of an NFL wife which comes with both perks and problems.

I found this book to be uplifting and encouraging and, unfortunately, timely for so many Americans facing tough times. One litmus test of how good a book was is how fast will I hand it to a friend to read. This book went back out the door the same day I finished it. So, if life has handed you lemons and you can’t quite remember the recipe for lemonade….pick up “One Call Away.” You’ll feel less alone in your troubles and Brenda’s story will give you hope!

I received this book for free from BookSneeze for this review as part of their blogger review program.

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