Battling the Darkness with “Fierce Beauty”

Kim Meeder has an amazing capacity for story telling and her latest collection of stories, Fierce Beauty continues to show her talents. Her return to a short story, first person narrative format is reminiscent of her first books, “Hope Rising” and “Bridge Called Hope” in which she chronicled many of the stories of both horses and humans touched by the work of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.

“Fierce Beauty” covers seemingly diverse topics from horses to house fires and zippers but, with the grace of a dancer, brings the reader back time and time again to the deeper spiritual truths that can be found in each story.  I love that Kim never seems to beleaguer a point. She tells her stories with an easy elegance  then turns and makes her point without preaching a sermon.

“Fierce Beauty” is a quick read but one you’ll want to have on your shelf to read again and again. 

Now, good and bad news.  The good news is that you have a chance to win a free book from Water Brook  Multnomah by going here and ranking one of my reviews.  Now, you will have to give them your email address but they promise not to do anything nefarious with it!

The bad news is that “Fierce Beauty” wont be on sale until October 4, 2011.  Mark your calendar or pre-order the book now, I think this is one you wont want to miss!

I received this book for free from Water Brook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review as part of their “Blogging for Books” program.

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