Finally a Finish!

I feel like I’ve been in a total quilting slump for the last year or so and it brings me tremendous pleasure to report that I have a finish…yes, a finish! Happy dance! This quilt was inspired by a poster I saw that was Commissioned by King George (the one from The King’s Speech) in about 1939. An intact copy of the poster was found many years later and an entire line of products have sprung up from this simple slogan…

Now, a few weeks ago, I won a book on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville site.  The book, Word Play Quilts, had great, simple to use directions for making free-pieced letters and I thought I would use it first to finish Sarah’s “Yellow Fish Rule” quilt but instead I went on a bit of a tangent and made this

I love how the wonky letters seem to contrast with the solid sentiment. I’m planning to put this in my kitchen (where 10 children can be found doing their homework on school days!) Yellow Fish is next on my list and I’ve figured out a setting for my little school. I’d almost forgotten what a rush it is to finish something…now my head is spinning with “next” projects even though my UFO list is still rather, well, let’s say extensive because that sounds so much nicer! (If you like the wonky letters, check out Tonya’s site for more info,  )

The Keep Calm and Carry On has spawned a bunch of take-offs, like this one I saw in a shop window in Bath.

The partner poster to the said, "Keep Calm, Breakfast is Served."

Now, about winning, my number seems to be lucky these days, I just got an email from Lisa Woodruff that I won a fleece throw in the Great Fabric Giveaway at the Central Ohio Binky Patrol. (Lisa is running a bunch of fun fabric giveaways, check out her blog at

Ok, now, I’m off to watch The King’s Speech with Sarah (just a coincidence but a fun way to celebrate finishing my Keep Calm) and start piecing a few blocks on a surprise quilt I’m hoping to crank out. Look out for two book reviews tomorrow or Sunday and a new DIY Block of the Month. Also, more about Stonehenge to follow. I was looking through my photos and who would have thought that a bunch of rocks would be so photogenic?

Happy quilting!


5 responses to “Finally a Finish!

  1. What a cool quilt… congrats on the finish! I love that poster and all the posters that have been spawned from it! I have one that says: “Keep Calm and Sew On”

  2. That looks great. I might make one and put it up as a banner at my front door. People need to take it more easy in the summer.

    10 children doing homework???

  3. Angie,
    I do childcare so, yes, 10 children in an afternoon…it’s a crazy life but it’s mine!

  4. HI Beth! Great blog!! I’m so happy that you are excited about wining the giveaway on my blog. Please keep on entering – there are lots of giveaways going on. I love your little “Keep Calm and Carry On” quilt! The letters are so fun! 🙂 Bye, Lisa

  5. wheee, fun! you did a wonderful job! eek 10 kids? definitely need to keep calm! I love that poster too. may favorite is “now panic and freak out” hee hee hee.

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