DIY Block of the month for July – Fool’s Puzzle

Fool's Puzzle July's DIY Block of the Month

This month the DIY Block of the Month choice is courtesy of Miss Sarah (not my Sarah) who has been with the group – officially or unofficially – since we started. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege watching this lovely young lady grow as both a quilter and a person. So, Sarah’s choice was Fool’s Puzzle which has very simple cutting. I was able to use a leftover 3.5″ strip to cut the small triangles with my Easy Angle ruler but you can cut 3-7/8″ squares and cut them in half, too.
Either way you will need 8 1/2-square triangles of the background fabric.
From the background also cut one 7 1/4″ square and cut it twice on the diagonal to yield four triangles.
From the dark, cut two 7 1/4″ squares and cut them twice on the diagonal to yield a total of eight 1/4-square triangles.

Pieces ready to sew

The block lays out as a center square with two flying geese units on either side and a side strip made of triangles. The first thing I did was lay the block out so I could see it. Then I pieced the center square of four triangles and the two flying geese (for help with flying geese units, you can look back at the Sawtooth Star block.)

One square and two geese!

Then I sewed the center section together with a “goose” at either end of the square.

The center section

Next we need to build the side sections. The sides are like two flying geese side by side with a 1/4-square triangle instead of two 1/2-square. (If you’re having trouble piecing this side, just piece two flying geese and put them next to each other.) I put the 1/2 square triangles onto the two side pieces first, then tackled sewing on the yellow center triangle – I haven’t been saying this, but do press between each step!

Lining up the center triangle

I was taught to line this kind of seam up by leaving a 1/4″ overhang at each end. I generally tend to line it up, fold back a quarter inch to see if it’s right, then sew it! I did end up taking one of my seams out and redoing it. (On the next one, I basted first!) I know that there are ways to blunt the tips on these triangles to make matching easier and I intend to look into those and find some other blocks to practice on until I’ve got it down pat. (Put that on the to-do list – if I can find the to-do list!)

This is what you want to avoid...seams that don't match!

There should be a nice quarter inch seam allowance at the top of those points for sewing when you’re done…obviously, I did that one over.

One finished side unit

This is what the finished side unit should look like. When you’ve made two of those, you’re ready to sew the final two seams and your block is done!

Ready to sew the side seams!

Now a quick word about our quilter’s tea. Our last theme was “Uglies” and two of my friends and I participated in “The Great Batik Conspiracy.” One of our ladies HATES batiks so we thought we’d be saucy and get batiks for our ugly fabric. Well, it was a bit of an epic fail as she actually really liked one of the batiks we brought! It truly was a case of one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure…we were shooting for ugly and look at these beauties!

The "Ugly" fabric exchange

So, now it’s off to Sisters for the annual quilt show and camping trip. I doubt I’ll be able to post any updates from there but who knows…wifi is everywhere, right?

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