Taking the Waters in Bath

The Pump Room Fountain in Bath

Ah, Bath, just the name conjurs up images of Jane Austen characters. I love the scene in Emma where the obnoxious new pastor’s wife is insisting that Emma’s father would be improved by going to Bath and that she (the pastor’s wife) could introduce her to all the very best people. I’m skipping ahead just a bit here, as we had a bit more time in London but, seriously, if a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then I’m writing a novel, not a blog about the trip because I have literally thousands of pictures!

We took the train to Bath from Paddington Station…yes, that Paddington Station, the one where the bear is found in the stories. Getting to Paddington Station was a bit of a trial. Our bus (which should have taken us directly there) ended up stopping and telling us that they were being diverted because of construction and we had to schlep our bags several blocks to continue our journey on another bus line. Once there, we retrieved our tickets and enjoyed a bit of a rest while waiting for our train. Of course, I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos…

Paddington Bear's Statue at Paddington Station

Marble Arch (which we got to see because of our bus diversion!)

Lace-like iron work in Paddington Station

Now, I try not to take photos through windows if I can help it but I had to take pictures of the countryside we traveled through to get to Bath…because it looked so much like Oregon! Green fields, rolling hills, yes, looks like home to me!

The view from our train

We arrived at the station in Bath and a lovely gentleman had a taxi brought right up to the upper parking lot for us. It was the first car I’d been in during our trip and, sure enough, I nearly got in to the driver’s seat! Our taxi driver was lovely and helpful, especially when I thought I didn’t have the address of our B&B (I did – it was in the Rick Steve’s book) but she found it before I could even look it up and whisked us away to Cornerways where Sue greeted us with outstanding warmth and hospitality.

Cornerways B&B in Bath

Now, I know I promised that the next post would contain stories about “what happens in London stays in London” but my wordpress is doing the awkward thing when I try to add photos so I’m going to leave you at the door of our B&B and catch you up a bit more tomorrow. I’ll just leave you with this one shot more of Bath…
Beautiful Bath!

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