DIY Block of the Month – June

Yes!  The block of the month is going up in the first week of the intended month!!!!  Happy dance!  Ok, granted it is six days into said month but still, so much more on track than May was!  So, it occurred to me that I should put a photo of the finished block at the top of the post so you can see what the block will look like…makes sense doesn’t it?

June's Block of the Month....Ohio Star

 This is a quick block and fun to piece.  I had every intention of doing a fancy “square two” thing on this one a la Marsha McCloskey but, frankly, I was having a thyroid moment and decided the old-fashioned way was just fine!  The cutting is simple….
From the background fabric cut  four 4.5″ squarestwo 5-1/4″ squares which will be cut twice on the diagonal
From the feature fabric cut
one 4.5″ square for the center (I did fussy cut mine – not something I do often but I loved this windblown couple on their boat!)
two 5-1/4″ squares cut twice on the diagonal
When you’ve finished cutting you should have total of five squares and sixteen triangles like this…

All cut and ready to sew!

I like to lay out my block before sewing, just in case there’s a right/wrong way to sew the seams.

Checking the layout.

 The first thing you’ll be sewing are pairs of yellow/blue small triangles to make larger triangles.  Once you’re sure you’ve got them paired up correctly, pair up all the triangles and chain sew them.
 Press them open with the seams to the dark side (if we ever really go over the dark side, I’m sure we’ll find it to be a very “seamy” place!) Once you’ve stitched and pressed these units, you’re going to sew them together into pairs.

Be sure to trim all four dog ears!

Each pair will make a new square unit for a total of four squares. With the five solid squares and four pieced squares you have, you guessed it, a nine-patch! I love how nine-patches show up all over in quilting! 
 Here’s a photo of the block all layed out  to sew.  It’s sewn together the same way as the last block, by sewing column 2 to column1 then adding column 3 to 2.  After the three columns are sewn, then sew the rows together. Once the rows are together, you’ll press the block and it should look just like the one in the first picture…with your own fabric choices, of course!  So, there’s your June DIY block…I’m looking forward to getting July done now!

Always double check that you've got the layout right!

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