Catching Up!

With all the hustle and bustle of getting ready to go, I apologize for letting the blog slip. Let me give a quick update on my progress. I managed to drop five pounds before leaving for London and, to my delight, came back at the same weight I left! For any vacation situation, I consider that a victory! Now I’m sorting through my photos and posting a trip recap since my internet situation wasn’t really conducive to updating while I was gone.

So, I’m going to start with Day One, get as far as I can before the family wakes up (I’m writing this at 6:30 on a Saturday morning), then I’ll add the rest of the trip in installments! So, come along to London with me….

My first stop on the trip was the Philadelpia Airport where I was delighted to find rocking chairs scattered through the airport!

A mini-oasis in an airport!

I was also tremendously intrigued by the lego replica of the Liberty Bell and took several photos to share with the kids I watch.

Lego Liberty Bell

My mom and sister met me in Philadelphia and we hopped across the pond, so to speak. Arriving in London, we had a bit of an adventure getting to our hotel because a section of the tube was closed. After a large number of stairs, we arrived at Victoria Station and my sister, Paula, who is an ace with directions, began navigating us to our hotel. I can tell you that I had a few qualms about my hotel choice as we walked! Victoria Station is busy, busy, busy! It’s a transit station for local buses, the tube, trains, and longer range and tour buses. Visions of having to find another hotel were filling my head when we turned down Hugh Street and into another world all together. The traffic noise was nearly non-existent and the street was a row of white Georgian Houses with lovely little wrought-iron fences and a few discreet hotel signs. Our hoteliers where warm and friendly and we were very quickly installed in our first-floor triple room…a bit small, but modestly priced and quite clean.

Our window at Cherry Court

Our first order of business was lunch and a bit of practicle shopping. I’d decided to get a pay-as-you-go phone for the trip considering it a pretty small investment that would come in handy if we needed to confirm reservations or call home. So we checked the map online and began hunting for the Carphone Warehouse. This led us on a bit of a merry chase but we ended up wandering past Buckingham Palace which was quite impressive!

Our first view of Buckingham Palace

We did eventually find the phone place (only to find out later that there was an outlet in Victoria Station!) but not before we managed to stumble across Westminster Cathedral – not to be confused with the Abbey.
Westminster Cathedral

Along the way, I took a couple of detail shots that I really liked…now, a word of warning, I love little architectural details like door frames and window decorations so my updates with probably be pretty full of those. These were two that caught my eye…

Wrought iron gatepost

Decorative posts on the side wall of Buckingham Palace

Wrought iron gatepost

After our meandering and a stop for tea, we ended our first day at our corner pub, the St. George, then home to our hotel to rest up for the next day of sightseeing. And that’s where I’ll leave you for right now, there are sounds of stirring upstairs so I’m going to get my yoga workout done and get showered while there’s still hot water! I’ll go on to Day 2 later this morning.

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  1. Gayle McCloskey

    Very well written Beth!!!

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