Losing for London Update #2

Ok, so it’s really Monday morning and I’m posting my update along with a picture…almost sounds organized, doesn’t it? Trust me, if you could see my desk, you’d have no such illusions! My sewing room, on the other hand, is showing steady improvement and I’ll be posting the April block of the month today, too!

This was a tougher week for workouts than last week as I caught myself I nice little cold that side-lined me for the weekend (occupational hazard of working with small, runny-nosed people.) Despite that and the terrible attack of Nutella and strawberries that I failed to fend off, I did get to see the scale nudge down from last weeks 180.5 to this weeks 178.5 for another two pounds. Like Courtney, my favorite contestant on The Biggest Loser, I’ll take it and it’s just another step on my journey.

I had two terrific, non-food treats this week. The first is that I got to see Jane Kirkpatrick speak at Powell’s books on Thursday night and the second is that my dear friend, Jennelle, gifted me with a new hairstyle. I don’t know how much hair weighs but this is how much was cut off….

Looks like a wig laying there, doesn't it?

And this was the end result….

The new me!

My younger daughter wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, she really wanted me to keep it longer but I like short, and I like easy and this is both! So, that’s my weight loss update for the week…now it’s on to the block of the month. I’m expecting a child to arrive at my house any minute so if it doesn’t post right away, it should post tonight.
Happy quilting, and exercising!

2 responses to “Losing for London Update #2

  1. Love your haircut. I’m off to the treadmill for about 15 minutes of walking and reading. Hope to make it down to Oregon before you take off for England.

  2. I remember it now….it’s darling!!! I always liked that look on you!!!

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