Losing for London Update

Ok, it’s Friday and I’m only five days late with this post….it’s been a busy week. So, I’m only going to recap last week and try to get on track for Monday for this week’s news. For my initial week, I managed to hit 5 workouts (of 45 minutes or better) on the ellipical machine, and two yoga workouts. On the second yoga workout I discovered that it is very hard to do “downward facing dog” when you have an upward facing kitten who plants himself between your hands, rolls over and purrs at you!

Gizmo, my yoga buddy!

I also managed a good solid eighty or ninety percent success rate on my eating this week, focusing on plenty of protein, fruits and veggies and trying to elimate the grains and sugars. I really thought by Friday that I’d be on track to report a stunning weight loss for my week. Then I received one of those lovely non-returnable monthly gifts that Mother Nature sends to girls…apparently, one of the many perks of menopause is that can happen quite randomly! So despite my best efforts, my week came in at a whopping one pound loss. However, my jeans are a little looser (fresh out of the dryer) and, despite some very sore muscles, I feel better. I noticed the other day that I was going up the stairs without the handrail, my arms look a little thinner and I think my face isn’t quite so puffy. I’ll post a picture with next week.

So, for week one, I’ll take my one pound and be very proud of it. On the days it doesn’t seem like much, I take a pound of butter out of the fridge and hold it and remind myself that every pound will add up!
So, look for the April Block of the Month either this weekend or Monday…..along with a possible sneak peek at my Word Play project.

Happy quilting!

2 responses to “Losing for London Update

  1. When I was actively losing weight, I used to take the 1 lb margarine bowls and stack them to show myself how much weight I’d lost. It was a very good visual for me. Maybe I should start that one up again!

  2. I was going to suggest exactly the same thing Diana did…. don’t focus on the numbers but on the looser jeans, how you feel, etc… losing weight is about health and feeling good!

    Congratulations on losing SIXTEEN ounces!

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