A Finish (and a new beginning!)

Ok, did you ever have a project that hung around way too long? And kept accummulating guilt and more guilt but just didn’t seem to be right yet? That was the case with my most recent finish. Two years ago, a friend of my brother’s commissioned a quilt made from shirts belonging to a friend who had passed away. Sure, no problem, I thought…until I opened the box. I’ve made several memorie quilts with t-shirts, photos, etc. but the disparity of the fabrics in the box had me, frankly, stumped! I drew this quilt out over and over in different ways, trying to accommodate both graphic elements of varying sizes and prints that ranged from classic Hawaiin to blue plaid! Through it all, was an undercurrent of wanting to make a truly beautiful quilt to commerate the friendship that had ended too soon. I finally settled on a medallion type quilt, corralling all the graphic elements in the center but it was a quilt that Cathy in my Fat Quarter quilt group who came to my rescue with a plan for the outside blocks (my original plan called for crazy quilt blocks which would have looked ok but might have clashed a bit with the very linear inside piece.) The final piece was 84″ x 102″ and I was taking pictures inside our timeshare on vacation so pardon the bad photo quality…we had to take it sideways!

I can honestly say, I’ve rarely been happier to deliver a quilt to it’s new owner. Her expression alone made it so worth the number of hours and re-draws and frustrations that went before the final design!

Now, with that said, I’ll have the next DIY Block of the Month up in the next couple of days. I apologize for the delay but March decided to play a few dirty tricks in Cathy’s life so we’ve had to be patient. April is coming up and maybe I’ll try for an April Fool’s Block…it will be up to you to decide if it really belongs in the quilt!

On another note, I’ve become a fan of a show I never thought I’d like…The Biggest Loser. If you knew my older brother, you’d find it majorly out of character that he, of all people, got me started on this. He did, though, and two of my daughters and I are hooked! Like my brother, it’s the transformations that amaze and inspire me, how people are changing their lives and their health while playing the game.

So, with that said, I decided that when I got back from Spring Break, that I would embrace my own personal “biggest loser” challenge and see how much weight I can lose by May 11th (when we leave for London.) In a bid for accountability, I thought I’d just put this out there…feel free to comment if I’m not forthcoming about my progress! My thought is that I’ll post a photo and an update on my weight loss weekly, interspered with my other interests. I’m not doing anything crazy in my attempt to lose weight…just healthy eating and increasing my exercise. My husband and daughters are very supportive (even when I told them it meant extra cooking and cleaning from them!) So, Monday morning I weighed in at 181.5 which may not seem like much to some people but I’m only 5 feet 2″ tall (well, technically 5’2.75″ but I always feel shorter if I have to claim the .75.”) My end goal (not in six weeks, of course) is to wander back down to the 130’s or 140’s which will do a lot to improve my health and my clothes size! With a family history of both arthritis and heart disease, any weight I take off is a gift to myself.

So, here’s a shot from our recent vacation, there’s a better, full-length one on the other camera but that hasn’t made it on the computer yet so this will have to do for tonight.

Me, at 181.5 pounds...every journey has to start somewhere!

So, that’s it for tonight…I’m hoping to make my block tomorrow and post photos tomorrow night….in the meantime, here’s to lots of fun time, fun people and fun fabric!

One response to “A Finish (and a new beginning!)

  1. Congratulations on taking the first steps towards being healthier! I’m gonna be one of your cheerleaders!

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