Eeenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo – Too Many Fabric Choices

Ok, first, let me clarify, I did not say too much fabric just too many choices! I finally dug around in my collections from our Quilters’ Tea Group exchange and picked a winner for the DIY Block of the Month. And the winner is….

The Nauticals!

Now, I hate to admit this but the state of the stash is such right now that I didn’t even try to find background fabric but instead toddled off to my favorite fabric hunting grounds and found this wonderful yellow at 50% off. It’s a little bright but I think it will be fun.

The Nauticals with yellow background fabric

Now, speaking of fun…I had a great surprise on Saturday morning. I won a book at Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog site.  You’ll have to go back a few posts to see the one with my entry .  How very, very fun is that?

So, now that I have the fabric choosen and the background (and the camera charging) I’ll be posting the tutorial of the next block tomorrow or Thursday. I’ve been working on a memorial quilt. The center medallion is pieced and today’s goal is to start the surrounding blocks. There are twenty-eight of the them and I’m hoping to get the first six done tonight.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this picture of Gizmo wrapped up in the dog quilt that I ran across when I was sorting photos..

Gizmo in the dog quilt...such a baby!

Well, that’s all for me this morning…my Lab is getting anxious which means it must be time to walk to school!

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