Sawtooth “Trunk Show”

I promised last time I’d post some Sawtooth Star pictures which meant spending some time trolling through hundreds of pictures on my computer and creating a file of just quilt photos. Along the way I discovered an entire three to six month period of photos were missing, including Sarah’s graduation! Thank goodness it was an easy fix, as they were still lurking on the old hard drive. So, having solved that problem, here’s a peek at some of my Sawtooth quilts.

It’s funny that so many of my quilts I have “forgotten” until I see them again. Like this little fairy quilt that I made as a commission piece…

Fairy Baby Quilt

Or this one, that was a fund raiser for the elementary school when my daughter was raising money for Outdoor School….

Outdoor School Raffle quilt

This one was made using the leftover cut triangles from the Outdoor School quilt and was raffled to raise money for my daughter’s high school band program…

Band raffle quilt #1

The next two quilts were made as signature quilts for two young girls facing severe health problems. Instead of using a print in the center of the block, I left the center open for signatures. The red and black one features a photo of the soccer team that was signing it in the center block…

Sawtooth Signature Quilt #1, made using assorted florals

Signature Soccer Sawtooth with team photo in the middle

I also used the trusty Sawtooth to make a graduation photo quilt for my step-daughter when she graduated from high school. I just added extra pieces of the green fabric to the sides of the photos to make the center squares….

close up of Sawtooth with photo

Graduation photo quilt

And I can’t show this quilt without showing you the cute label!  Zoe, the cat, took

Every quilt needs a kitty, right?

this project much to heart as the graduate was her “chooser.”  So I took a shot of Zoe on the quilt in progress and turned it into the label…

The “Cowboy Quilt” has a border row of Sawtooth blocks…

6" Sawtooth border on the Cowboy Quilt

Ben’s Dragon Quilt did not photograph well, trust me, it looks much better in person….

Meddle not with dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with catsup!

My mom requested a little table topper quilt for her entry way so I made this double sawtooth wall hanging…

Double Sawtooth table topper


And, last but not least, here’s a “faux Sawtooth” effect created by using a different block altogether…

Not quite a Sawtooth, but close!

So that’s my little Sawtooth “trunk show.” I’ll be deciding on my DIY fabric this weekend and posting a tutorial on the next block early in the week. Until then, have a great Superbowl….we’re having “Foodball” at my  brother’s, I’m not much into the game but I love the party!

Happy quilting,

7 responses to “Sawtooth “Trunk Show”

  1. Hey Beth! I just drew you as the winner for Word Play Quilts!
    please email me with your snail mail address so I can send it right out to you!


  2. Love these and your tutorial was great…I’ve got some time on my hands now to start a couple of projects. Go Packers! I probably won’t watch the game either. I like the commercials and halftime. Love to everyone.

  3. Love your sawtooth star quilts… and what a neat thing to do to make fund-raising quilts! That’s something I’d like to begin doing for my schools since funding is going to be really tight in the next school year.

  4. Hey Beth congrats on winning Tonya’s book… is so much fun…. I hope you can get into making letters on your quilts and visiting Tonya’s site for new challenges.
    And hey… of my blocks is on the cover and I get a shout out in the book
    I enjoyed looking at your quilts and your fish story too :0).

    Happy sewing

  5. Congrats on winning Bonnie Hunters giveaway.
    Great sawtooth trunk show. I enjoyed your site.

  6. Irene Onderweegs

    Beth, congratulations with the nice book you’ve won at Bonnnie’s !
    Geat sawtooth – or when many: sawteeth!?
    Love Irene

  7. great fun looking @ these quilts again!!!! I remember many of them so well!!! Especially the raffle quilts….I enjoyed the tutorial also!!! Looking forward to next months!!!

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