Area 51 Challenge Update #26 – MIA

Ok, I’ve officially been missing a month, yep a month, from this blog and I apologize.  I think I may have been suffering from Post Traumatic Dress Syndrome after the prom dresses because I actually didn’t sew anything for two weeks!!  I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t sew for that long.  Well, the week before last, I managed to drag myself to the sewing room and finish something, another small charity quilt for the local Quilts for Kids Program (not to be confused with the Downey one, which is also great.) 

Our local program gets quilts to the Cares Intake Center which is where children are taken when they have to be removed from their parents.  A local lady began a program where you check out a kit and batting and make a small quilt.  These quilts are at the center and kids are allowed to  choose one which then goes with them into whatever new situation they go to.   I’ve made these for several years and, by interesting coincidence, our younger daughter (who came to us at age 8 – very easy baby!)  arrived in our home with a donated quilt from a similar group. 

This week has been terrifically non-productive in the sewing room but I’m off upstairs right now to start correcting that.  But, before I go, here’s a picture of the most recent finish…I have to say, I really, really love pink!

Another little Cares quilt

 Oh, and before I go, I have to show you this photo I took at the track of the cottonwood fluff (aka “Toxic Snow.”)

"Toxic Snow" aka cottonwood fluff

If I wasn’t so allergic to the stuff, I’d be seriously tempted to see if you could use it as a batting!  I read several years ago about a woman who made a batting out of a similar substance but can remember if it was thistle down or another plant.  However, the fact that I’d be sneezing and hacking for weeks keeps me from scooping this stuff up by the handfulls!

Ok, so now I really am off to the sewing room. 

The current stats are week 32, finishes 37, UFO’s remaining 49

One response to “Area 51 Challenge Update #26 – MIA

  1. I love pink too Beth and the baby quilt looks lovely.

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