Area 51 Challenge Update #25 – Two Weeks, Two Dresses and Too Close to the Wire!

First, my apologies for missing an update (or two.) I realize that saying, “Oops, sorry, I had to go to Hawaii with 50 of my favorite band kids for the weekend” is not going to garner a whole lot of sympathy! However, that is part of what kept me away from the keyboard. The other thing was just this little speech impediment problem I have…I try to say “no” and it comes out “yes!” 

So, prom dresses. Both were finished last week so I’m am back in the finishing race with two to report for this week (and none for the week before.) The first dress was for a friend of my daughter’s who was on the prom court. Sorry that the photo is a little blurry but I had to get a photo-by-phone as I was too busy on Dress #2 to go to the assembly on Friday. 

Here’s Dress #1… 

Prom Dress #1


Dress #2 created its own special set of problems. Yours truly had a complete moment of brain freeze and cut the pattern on the finished size for Sarah’s hip size forgetting all about wearing ease…not something I would recommend! Thank goodness for my older sister who made a brilliant suggestion to shorten the dress just below the bustline thus creating a wider hip area. 

The final result was worth all the effort, though, and Sarah was thrilled with the dress! 

Front view of Dress #2


Back view of Dress #2


And, of course, I couldn’t resist the classic “over the shoulder” shot… 

The classic "over the shoulder" shot


Now,  I have to add that not only was this dress a lot of fun, it used up the remaining fabric from my wedding gown so it qualifies as  a “stashbusting” project, too!    Now, of course, I’ve still got a yard of it and some scraps so there must be a fun, quilty kind of project waiting for me out there…a ruffled pillow, perhaps? 

Now, a bit of a funny story from Hawaii.  Well, make that two stories…the first night in town our kids had pizza at the restaurant in the hotel.  When we were walking out of the restaurant, a gentleman at the counter asked me where we were from.  When I told him Oregon City High School, he was amazed…turns out he graduated from OC in 1980!  What are the odds?  The second funny bit is that I came home from Hawaii with a new UFO even though I didn’t buy even a snip of fabric!  Our lovely tour guide gave us a “ready to applique” Hawaiian design which, as the designated quilter, I feel honor-bond to finish and give to the band to hang in the band room.  Oh well, with all the UFO’s partying in my sewing room, what’s one more? 

So, the stats for the week are….week 28, finishes 36, UFO’s 50 

Have a wonderful week!

One response to “Area 51 Challenge Update #25 – Two Weeks, Two Dresses and Too Close to the Wire!

  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!

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