Area 51 Challenge Udate #24 – Prom Season

Fabric for frill things! 

Not much quilting going on this week as I am up to my elbows in prom dress making (well, actually two of them!) Dress number one is for a friend of my daughter’s who is on the prom court. Dress two is my daughter’s dress. Four years of high school and this is the first time I’ve made her dress for the dance but, hey, no pressure or anything! I actually was so stressed about getting the bodice fitting right on dress one that I was up worrying about it at four-thirty yesterday morning! Thanks to a dear friend who came over and contributed expertise and moral support, the bodice will be done today and the skirt should be ready to be assembled. My goal is to have this one done by Sunday so I can start the next one. 

So, what else did I do last week if not quilting? Mostly, track! We had a track meet at home on Wednesday and, to our great surprise, the field was white with….hail! 

As I drove down the hill with my kids I began seeing cars that had white all around their windshields. As we got closer to the track, I rolled down my window and took this photo… 

The view four blocks from the track

Then we arrived at the track and it was like a scene from a picture postcard….athletes in black warm-up suits were throwing “hail balls” and making “hail men” while others tried to sweep off the approaches for the pole vault! 

A view of our white infield

It didn’t take much time for the hail to melt off and the meet got under way but, just as my daughter was ready to run the 200M, the hail returned with a vengence and the 200 runners got pelted while they made what I hope was the “maddest” dash of the season. Nice results, though, for running in odd weather and Sarah was pretty satisfied with her performance. (Not as satisfied as she was with the invitational on Friday where she picked up a first in the 100M, a second in the 200M and her relay team blew by the other teams to take first in the 400M relay.) 

And so track season begins and the countdown to graduation is on (with projects planned for said event, of course!) So, it’s off to the sewing room for me so I can plow through this pile of shimmer and glitter fabrics and work my way back to good ole cotton and 1/4″ seams! 

Before I get back to work, though, I want to add one more picture. Here’s the relay team on the top of the podium with a rainbow stretched above them…here’s to wishing that all these kids will find an “end of the rainbow” life after high school! 

Rainbow over the track meet

So, depressing as the stats are….it’s week 25, finishes 34 and UFO’s 49

One response to “Area 51 Challenge Udate #24 – Prom Season

  1. Love the rainbow!!

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