Area 51 Challenge Update #23 – Spring Fever


Spring in the Japanese Garden 

I’m not sure what happened to me with WordPress yesterday, maybe I forgot an important anniversary or something but I couldn’t get my update to work. Maybe the computer was just jealous because I spent so much time playing with Winnie yesterday morning. I was trying to get some cute pictures of her playing but kept getting shots like this…
Winnie dives for the "mouse" under the pillow (my fingers...ouch!) 

I did finally get a couple of cute photos like this one…
Winnie playing the string game 

But my hands down favorite is this one (I was trying to get her going for the string but she tried for my camera strap instead!)
Ninja attack Poozah! 

So, while I could go on about my cats for a very long time, back to the real purpose here. Yes, I did manage a finish over spring break. This is the third baby quilt I’ve made from the dinosaur fabric I had in my stash (and there is still quite a bit left!) There must be something in the water in our area because there seem to be babies cropping up everywhere!

Dinosaur baby quilt #3


And, speaking of babies, a dear friend kindly allowed my girls and I to add babies to her life in the form of extra chickens for her flock. My daughters and I had a great time picking out three little chicks. Here they are in their take out container…
Baby chicks! 

If a pictures is worth a thousand words, then I’ve written volumes today and should probably finish up now! I’m not quite sure what my quilting plan is for the week but, with Easter and two track meets, I need to get on it!
So, here are the stats and one last picture I couldn’t resist sharing. Happy Easter!
Week 24, finishes 34, UFO’s remaining 49 (sigh) 

The Japanese Garden

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