Area 51 Challenge #22 – Quilter’s Block?

Ok, so this is really the week of no finishes. Well, not finished finishes. I did make two tops, and one complicated Karen Stone block for the Block of the Month but nothing in my sewing room got bound, labeled and declared as having crossed the finish line!

This is the KS block from her quilt design “Cinco de Mayo.”

Paper pieced block from Karen Stone's book (and cd-rom)

Now, as I’ve been doing these blocks, I’ve been working from a set of aquatic prints from our Quilter’s Tea and a couple dozen bright pieces that I threw into the mix. My plan is to feature each of the prints as the big “outside” piece on the block and use at least one print on the inside. This one has four prints. When I put the biggest arc on the design wall, I realized that my orange/yellow/blue triangles reminded me of sail boats. With the blue below for water and turtles and fish, this block reminded me of certain folk-art sailing prints I’ve seen…or maybe I just have a touch of Spring Fever and my beach roots are showing!

Speaking of Spring, Spring Break started early for my kids and so on Thursday of last week I took my little herd to the Oregon Zoo. It was a bright, clear day and lots of the animals where out soaking up the sun, like these guys…

Lions at the Oregon Zoo

Later, they stood up and did the perfect “Lion King” pose while I hummed a little “Circle of Life” under my breath…life imitates art!

And speaking of art, I’m off to the Japanese Gardens today. We’re at home this year for Spring Break so I’m doing a little “stay-cationing” and a bit of cleaning (and quilting, of course.) I should have some fun finishes to show next week.

Here’s to sunshine and cherry blossoms…hope you have some of both where you’re at!

Stats….week 23, finishes 33 (still…sigh!), UFO’s remaining 49

2 responses to “Area 51 Challenge #22 – Quilter’s Block?

  1. Beth As you can see I got on your blog, love those lions, sounds like a great zoo.
    We do have lots of cherry tress and flowers wehre we are just norht of you.
    Great blog by the way!!!

  2. Whoops bad typing, trees,where, north. See I can spell just not type LOL

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