Area 51 Challenge Update #21 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Ok, if you have to have a disease, thyroid disease is the one to have. I mean, when I think of all the other options, I’m grateful to have what I have but, sometimes, it can be downright bothersome! This week my whole system has been off and I’ve felt like Alice down the rabbit hole (without benefit of a white rabbit for company!) I did actually finish the quilt I’m showing on Sunday but it’s taken me this long to get myself organized to photograph it and write it up.

This is one of those majorly guilt-ridden projects. Over a year ago, a friend brought me a tattered old quilt and asked if there was anything to be done. Both ends were shredded and the binding was coming off in places. The owner simply wanted it as part of her Christmas decor and wasn’t looking for a museum-quality job. For a year, I’ve contemplated this thing and decided that the best approach (considering it’s intended use) was to remove the binding, cut away the shredded parts and rebind. When I went to start, I discovered that the binding I was going to remove was a bias-tape binding added much later (and very badly.) My first attempt to remove the tape was such a disaster that I decided to go to Plan B and added an entirely new bias binding on top of the one. I wish now that I had been able to match the red of the quilt squares more closely but I matched the add-on binding instead. Here’s a before shot.

The before shot

And here’s the “after”…

Newly rebound

And here’s my Zoe-girl giving it her stamp of approval…

Zoe on the quilt

This particular quilt features a block that I’ve always thought of as a casualty of WWII. Ruby McKim refers to it as a “Crazy Ann” in her column from the 20’s or 30’s but I’ve never seen a completed quilt with it after WWII. I did manage to get this shot of the quilting just by accident and really liked this little motif…

Close up of the quilting design on the red blocks...not sure how the color thing happened!

So, that’s all for me today, I’m off to the Zoo with four children (so I’m taking my zoo to the zoo – just teasing, these are four nice ones!) Tonight I have to crack down and make my block of the month for Saturday and there is a half-finished baby quilt lurking.   Hmmm, sounds like the making of a chick-flick night!  Hope your week has something fun coming up.

So, for last week, the stats are  week 22, finishes 33, UFO’s remaining 49

2 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #21 – Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. wow, you did a great job on it!

  2. Before and after is great.

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