Area 51 Challenge Update #19 – Wedding Wishes

On a scale of 1 to 10 this week, I think the busyness factor may have hovered in the 8 range! With a week’s notice, my older daughter was invited to be maid of honor in a friend’s wedding. So, with short notice, we put together a bridal shower for Friday night. Not a terribly difficult project, except that we were already booked on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. And, of course, I decided that the young couple really need to start their life together with…you guessed it…a quilt. Not a big quilt, but I put together this red and white pinwheel entirely from what was one hand.

"Red Hot Pinwheels"

The quilt is only 56″x56″ but I thought that was a good size as it can be used to top a table, hang on a wall or throw over you as you watch TV. The bride was lovely, as brides have a habit of being, and I thought my daughter looked especially lovely, too.

Sarah in her bridesmaid attire

I was disappointed not to be able to bring my younger one to the wedding but she already had tickets to go to “Walking with the Dinosaurs” with her Girl Scout troop. Hopefully she’ll get a chance to go to one soon. I was about her age when I went to my first wedding and I remember how wonderfully fairy-tale-like it all seemed! (Of course, I also remember a story about my brother, my cousin and the champagne punch but that’s a story for another time!)

So, as for last week’s surprise for my mom, Murphy must have been working overtime. I posted the picture hoping that my mom wouldn’t see my blog (which is often the case) until near the end of the week. On Wednesday, she called me and said, “I’m waiting anxiously for my box to arrive.” Yes, she saw it online first! However, good old USPS got the box to her that very day and the quilt was up on her entry wall the same evening. I’d have to modestly say it was a hit.

And, speaking of hits, (or hitting, or maybe I’m not sure how this was going to segue – I thought I was on a roll) I am in need of “hitting” the sewing room hard this week in the cleaning department. While it’s not nearly so bad as it was, it is slipping and I’ve set a goal for myself of not storing anything on the cutting table. That should make it much easier at basting time and give me more room to cut. Everything needs to be as efficient as possible as I’m trying to get three quilts done by the 17th.

So, on that note, it’s off to work with me. I hope your March is off to a great start!

Week 20, finishes 31, UFO remaining 50

4 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #19 – Wedding Wishes

  1. LOL you are a very busy woman! When do you get a break? Love that quilt!!!

  2. Diana,
    I guess quilting is my break! lol Working under the gun isn’t my favorite but I do love the feeling of seeing things come together and I love seeing people’s faces light up when they get their quilts!

  3. Your daughter looks gorgeous!!

  4. Thanks, Jamie! I think so, too, but I’m just a touch prejudiced!

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