Area 51 Challenge Udate #16 – “Fan-cy That!”

Raffle Quilt for Track & Field

AAAAACCCKKK!!!! Ok, that’s the scream you would have heard if you’d been in the room with me three minutes ago when my computer crashed and took my update with it! Now you’ll just have to take my word for it that the original post was witty, pithy and wise…all things I’m not sure I can be for a second time in a row this morning!
So, here’s the short, probably-not-as-witty-but-straight-to-the-point rewrite…

This is the fan quilt I’ve been trying to get done for three weeks now. I can’t tell you how many times my Facebook status has read “Beth Strand is going upstairs to baste the track quilt” only to be interrupted by life, kids, animals, or a very good book! But, by hook and by crook, this one is finally finished and, almost early. By almost early I meant that the quilt isn’t due for two weeks but we still need to photograph it with actual track members and put packets together, all of which takes time. With 100 track members selling 20 tickets (or more) each, we hope to raise $2,000 for the program. Not bad for a “no-overhead” fundraiser. I’ve got one more charity raffle quilt to make in the next month and then I’m going to take a break from doing more than one a year. At least for one year, maybe. You see, I’ve got this little speech impediment problem…I try to say “no” and it comes out as “yes!” Then all those “yeses” pile up and I end up looking as worried as I caught my Nickie-dog looking this morning…

Nick with his worried look - doesn't that just make you want to pet him and give him a treat?

Well, as the computer problems and the doctor visits ate up a lot of my time this morning, I’m going to make hay while the sun in shining and run away to my sewing room! I hope you are working on something fun this week. I’d love to hear what it is!

Week 17, finishes 28

2 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Udate #16 – “Fan-cy That!”

  1. are the tickets only sold locally?

  2. We can sell them by mail, too. My mom just sends a check with the school name on it, and I fill in her tickets. She even won once, too!

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