Area 51 Challenge Update #14 – At the Halfway Point!

Some weeks are just fuller than others. This was a week (or week and a ½ ) of fun, exciting things including one new finish. My Quilts for Kids Quilt (from the program Downy is sponsoring) is done and will be heading back in the mail. This is a program where quilters request a kit which comes to you pre-cut. You only add sewing time, batting and thread (and binding if you are using one – I was able to cut most of mine from the backing.) You finish your quilt and send it back and they distribute the finished quilts. You can read more about them at
Here’s my finished quilt….


Quilts for Kids Quilt

This next photo isn’t a finish but it’s the collection of fat quarters from my group’s January “Quilter’s Tea.” Twelve of us have been gathering for tea four times a year for the last six years. We have a fabric exchange in the same manner you would do a cookie exchange. We have a theme and each quilter brings 12 fat quarters of the same fabric and returns home with 12 different. We’ve had loads of different themes like manly, Western, floral, batiks, and music. The amazing thing is how rarely we duplicate our choices. Our theme this time was “Birds” and here are the goodies I brought home…

“Bird” fabric from our January tea

Finally, this weekend was Winter Formal for my oldest daughter and several of us got together to play fairy godmother to two lovely ladies. We did nails and hair and there was lots of fun, laughter and hairspray going on! At the last minute, I remembered a vintage clutch bag my mom sent to me years ago. It was one of a pair I loved looking at when I was little. The bag was a great match for Sarah’s dress and it was so fun to see her carry it! Here she is with the bag and my favorite picture from our prep time…

Sarah in her dress with Grandma's vintage bag

My favorite picture from the prep time

So, what’s in store for this week? The track raffle quilt has to get done this week, there’s a quilt show featuring Janet Fogg at the Oregon Garden on Saturday, wisdom teeth are coming out on Thursday and Girl Scout Badge Awards are tonight. We were actually triple-booked tonight and I had to cancel on two other things so I can see my little Girl Scout get her awards..very worth it!

So, at the end of week 15 I’m half-way to my goal of 50 finishes with 25 done. You’d think that would have made a serious dent but my most recent list of UFO’s still has 52 on it and I haven’t even cleaned out the fabric storage yet! Who knows how many UFO’s are lurking in there?! I’m considering making a spreadsheet for my UFO’s with columns for the various stages..”some piecing,” “top completed,” “basted,” “quilted,” and finally “bound & labeled.” I’m curious to know how everyone else keeps track of their projects. Or do you just do what I’ve always done, leave them alone and hope they don’t multiply?

Here’s hoping that whatever your week brings, it’s got lots of time to do something you love!
Week 15 Finishes 25

3 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #14 – At the Halfway Point!

  1. The dress is pretty and so is the young lady wearing it! How nice to have Grama’s vintage bag to carry too. :^)

    I like your downy quilt. I finished mine too. Just need to get it in the mail now.

  2. I use a spreadsheet with multiple pages to track my UFO/WIP, PIGs, Top, etc. On the main page if it’s started and not a top, it gets listed, then tagged as C – still cutting; Q partially quilted (quilt as you go), P – still piecing; S – swap blocks; L – leader/ender project; B – needs Border. I *think* my spreadsheet is pretty accurate since everything got moved out of the sewing room about 2 years ago to rip up carpet and paint.

    • That sounds a lot like what I was thinking about. My other thought in putting it in a spreadsheet is that my handwriting can be a little hard to follow…this way I’d have clear, concise 12 pt!

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