Area 51 Challenge Update #12

If you read Update #11, you know that our household got a 20% dip in income last week. Is it a sign of what a one-track mind I have that one of my first thoughts was, “Thank goodness I have a great fabric stash to work from!” So, in the spirit of thankfulness, I concentrated my quilting finishes this week on charity work. Two more “Quilts for Kids” quilts were added to the finished stack and I finished my younger daughter’s “fozzy” robe. I also pitched in and made the 12 sashes that Student Council needed for the Winter Formal Court.

A "Fozzy" Finish!

Cooper helping display a Quilts for Kids quilt

Another Quilt for Kids Quilt

Along the way, I discovered that my two youngest cats LOVE my serger. Every time I went up to work on the robe or sashes, I ended up re-threading the machine because little paws had been batting at the threads. Not only is this an inconvenience, but thread is not good for cat tummies so I’ve been putting a piece of fabric over the serger when I’m done. I see sewing machine covers in my future sewing lists.

Speaking of lists, I started inventorying my UFO’s yesterday. Just the ones I could remember added up to over 50….yikes! We’ll see how many more surface when I re-organize the stash storage, in the meantime, I’m posting the lists on my design wall where I can add to them at any time.

On the subject of time, my Bernina 1130 is still doing time at the repair shop thanks to a comedy of errors. We’ve had several delays with back-ordered parts, etc, (nothing within my wonderful technician’s control) and just this week discovered that the long-awaited part is the wrong one! I really miss this machine, it is my “go-to” for everything from piecing to machine quilting. Now, I’m not much of one for naming things like cars and sewing machines, but somehow this long absence has christened this machine “Trusty.” Last night, as I was quilting away on my backup machine, was thinking about names for the other machine. After trying out several, I decided that the best name for the QE is “Probie,” yep, just like Tony calls Tim on NCIS. Even though the QE isn’t my most recent machine acquisition, she’s certainly the youngest in the crowd. The serger, I decided, is “Threads” and the embroidery machine is “Monet.” The treadle needed a nice, old fashioned name and “Alice” came to mind. That leaves the old Elna, the old Singer, the Featherweight and the Jones handcrank left to name. Any ideas?

While we’re talking about names,  Winnie’s name is evolving into a series of nicknames. Winnie was short for Winston until we cleared up that little gender confusion issue and then became Winifred. Winnie of course became Winnie Pooh, which became Poo-zah, which became Poo-zah-lou which became Louise or Wheezy….all of which doesn’t matter because she wont come when you call her!

Speaking of my cats, Griffie snuck into the pantry the other day and I found him sprawled on the floor with the broken catnip bag beside him. Soon the other four cats joined him and had a catnip party. The next day, my husband caught Jack, one of the younger cats, heading up the stairs with a bag of bay leaf! Does this mean my cats are moving on to experimental drugs?

Well, as much as I thought about staying home to clean the house, I’m off to quilt guild. After all, the house can be cleaned this afternoon but who knows what inspiration I’ll pick up at guild?

So, at the end of 13 weeks, the official tally is 23

Have a wonderful week!

5 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #12

  1. Oh your post just gave me lots of laughs, especially about the kittys and the catnip. I have a few who love it and a few who don’t. We also have a cat who showed up out of nowhere and I am not sure if it’s male of female so it’s name is spunky and I think it’s a male LOL. We should know soon enough.

  2. Way to go Liz! Love the fozzy jammies, she is modeling them very nicely and I’m not sure who is cuter! LOL. It feels so wonderful to complete those projects, keep it up. Nice way to bust that stash.


  3. good job on the finishes!

  4. You are cookin’ with gas, girl! Keep it up! You’ll have ALL your UFOs done by the end of your 52 weeks, and then what will you do? he he he!

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