Area 51 Challenge Udate 11 – Better Late Than Never!


In the fun of doing the post-Christmas reveal, I skipped an update. Not that there was much to report. Between the wrapping, cleaning and cooking, there wasn’t a whole lot of sewing time! I wasn’t able to get all of my Christmas sewing done so I spent this week’s sewing time making a robe and jammies. I’ve been debating wether or not to count these as finishes. However, as they were supposed to be done before Christmas and are extending into January (thus producing guilt) I’ve decided to count them.

So, here are the only finishes I can count for this week, one robe and one set of jammies, modeled by two of my favorite girls…

New "Fozzy" Robe

New Jammies and a good book!

Now that the holiday is over, one big project is looming in my sewing room…reorganizing the stash (cue scary music here, please.) When I cleaned my sewing room, my dear husband built shelves in the storage area where we stored charity fabric (and I sorted and re-gifted much of it to another quilter making charity quilts.) However, the major stash area remains quite scary looking and my first goal of the new year is to install some shelves, make some room and get things easier to access. For years, I’ve sorted my fabrics by color into drawers but the drawers are full, extra bits are all over and I’ve been known to head to the quilt shop instead of the stash on more than one occasion.

The recession came to my house in quite a personal way the other day in the form of a 20% cut in my husband’s salary and, well, let’s just say that working from stash just got a whole lot more important. Actually, one of my first thoughts was, “Well, at least I have plenty of great fabric.” It’s important to focus on the positive, you know, and my stash after 27 years of quilting is quite a positive. In fact, I’m positive I can sew all year and not make much of a dent in it! A member of the stashbuster group on Yahoo pointed out the other day that people are working hard to use up 100 yards in a year and that she figured she had 2,000 yards which meant a 20-year supply! I’m not sure how many yards of fabric I have, but it’s got to be in the “up there” numbers.

So, how am I going to work from the stash this year? I don’t have any hard, fast rules yet but I do have a few goals for the year.

First and foremost, lose the remainder of the 47 pounds I want gone by June. I’m tired of hiding from camera’s and would like to laugh and smile and say “cheese” when my oldest graduates in June!

Second, the quilting goals….finish the UFO challenge, of course, with at least 50 finishes, maybe more. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is make Christmas quilts for each of our beds. That’s four of them, two twin, two queen. I’d like to finally put a quilt in the quilt show at Sisters…I’ve been going to it for 16 years, I’d say it’s time. In addition, I’ve been thinking about a “homemade” block of the month. After all, I’ve got plenty of block patterns and, as we’ve already established, lots of fabric. I’ll give that some thought and post as I go along. I am participating in a block of the month using Karen Stone’s patterns. I’ve bought the cd but realized I’m going to need the book at some point, too. Here’s a peek at my progress so far.

Karen Stone Block of the Month, in progess

Also, Carol Doak is doing a “Yours Truly” Round Robin. You do all your own sewing, she posts the border requirements as you go along. Here’s a look at my center square, you were allowed to choose your own, any size so I made this 12″ star from Carol’s Foundation Factory software. (If you’re a paper-piecing fan or want to be, I really recommend her site and group…check out for more info.)

"Your's Truly" Round Robin Center Block

Well, that’s it for this week, better late than never. Counting the jammies and robe, the total is

Week 12 Finishes 20

Now I’m off to snuffle and sneeze my way to the sewing room where my cold and I are going to spend the morning drinking tea and deciding which UFO will be next week’s finish!

Have a great week.

2 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Udate 11 – Better Late Than Never!

  1. hi there, just wondering about the Karen Stone block of the month, is there a website you’re doing this with?


    • I’m doing it through A Common Thread in Lake Oswego. Every participant bought the book or cd in order to take the class and keep the copyright legal. I think you could follow along at home with the book. The shop gives out a small piece of fabric toward each month which you are free not to use but the rest of the fabrics are your own. It’s really fun, so much so that I’m thinking of adding a bunch more blocks to make the quilt bigger!

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