Area 51 – MQ Reveals

So, Grandma’s Christmas has come and gone and I’m now at liberty to show the fronts of all the MQ quilts. Thankfully, everyone receiving them was delighted and, with the exception of one I’ve gotten cut out and not pieced yet, they all got done…sort of.

First, because I know exactly where the file is, here’s a picture of CMQ – this was a commission piece for a friend to give her daughter for Christmas.

CMQ - Also known as "Memories for Amy"

The next of the mystery quilts was for my niece and I did end up making her a promisory table runner. It was apparent that with only 121 out of 250 4″ pieced units made that I couldn’t finish the complete quilt on time without seriously endangering both my health and marriage. Also, the table runner gave me a great opportunity to “test” my color and pattern on her to make sure she’ll like the bigger quilt. (I made her mom promise to be frank with me if she didn’t really like it!)

The Promisory Table Runner - formerly known as MQ4 (or was it three?)

The next two MQ’s are so similar as to almost be twins – fraternal at least. They are more of the “flannel jammies” quilts. I make these using up leftovers from flannel backs and the pj’s I make the girls every Christmas. I keep thinking that I’ll run out of the flannel leftovers some day, but they seem to multiply like dust bunnies. These two were the first quilts I pieced primarily on my restored 1918 treadle machine.

MQ3 - this is the one shown in the photo of the three on the one was around to help hold so I had to settle for gracefully reclining on the futon!


And last, but not least of the MQ’s is MQ1. This quilt started as a one-yard fabric find of a print with dragons. I knew my nephew, Ben, would love a dragon quilt but I knew I would have to really work to get a dragon “presence” with just one yard. Enter Ebay…to my delight I found five additional yards of the dragon fabric. Enough to make this quilt for Ben and use the dragon leftovers for the borders on the raffle quilt for band. Unfortunately, this was one of the first pictures I took with the new camera and so it’s not the best shot. I didn’t think to take close-ups of the inner border, either, and I should have. Quilted into the inner border is the quote “Meddle not with dragons for thou art crunchy and good with catsup.” The best part about that quote – there isn’t a single “i” to dot!

MQ1 - AKA "Meddle Not"

So, there are all five of the MQ’s.  In order to get a little bit of a jump on next year’s Christmas planning, we’ve already done the names for Grandma’s Christmas.  I’ve also had a talk with my husband about our budget for next year, and I’m putting together a list of needs/don’t needs for next year – i.e., need cello wrap and gift wrap but no Christmas cards.  This way I can pick up some of these things when I see them on sale.  Now, since it is Sunday and I haven’t a finish yet this week, I’m heading up to the sewing room to make jammies…hmm, which means more flannel scraps, which means more flannel jammies quilts…like I said, a never ending cycle!

Happy quilting!

10 responses to “Area 51 – MQ Reveals

  1. Very nice quilts. I just love scalloped edges, have not tried them myself yet though.

  2. Beth, I love your quilts! Your grandkids are real lucky to have you as their Grama!

  3. Thanks, actually, I’m not the grandma, my mom is…so far, although my next older brother (3rd of 4) beat all the rest of us to grandparent status! The scallops are from a pattern from the Pine Needle. It comes with the full size scallop pattern and I just pin it on and cut around it. This way I get the scalloped look with a lot less work!

  4. oh, sorry, it said Grandma’s Christmas, so I just assumed!

  5. That’s ok… totally understandable mistake, I should have clarified. My nieces and nephews were very excited, though, and I’m finally getting closer to my goal of making a bigger quilt for each of them. I had thought HS graduations would have been the time, but I missed the boat on that and am just catching as catch can!

  6. Dear Mommy,
    I love your quilts. My man quilt is best.
    Sarah (the 18 year old)
    P.S. The quote does have an i. Unless you’ve invented a new way to spell with.

  7. Oh, Sarah, that’s why I should always have you edit before I hit post! LOL

  8. yeah, it was in there twice, wasn’t it? ;^)

  9. Lovely quilts, Beth! You sure get a lot done!

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