Area 51 Challenge Update #9 – Kitchen Tales


OK, I’m guilty of procrastination here because I really thought I didn’t have a finish this week but, at the last minute, I remembered my finish from Monday. Now, this is a surprise Christmas gift so if I show you, then you have to promise not to tell my younger daughter, ok? Promise? Ok then, here it is

Apron photo (sorry about the sideways shot, still working with my new camera!)


This little apron is being teamed with a beginner-style cookbook for my younger one who loves anything to do with food prep (and she’s not so bad at clean-up, either.)

So, being that I was busy all week, what, exactly did I do with my time…I made gingerbread houses (yes, houses plural, 21 to be exact.) Every year our family hosts an annual Gingerbread Potluck. Each family comes to the party with a potluck dish and two bags of candy to share. After dinner, each family gets a house to decorate and take home. We have lots of laughs, lots of sugar, and lots of fun. After 16 years, we’ve begun to get into a rhythm with the preparation. I bake, my husband, kids, and this year brother, are the construction crew and everyone pitches in to clean up before and after. It’s a lot of work but it’s always worth it.
So, back to the UFO count, did I mention that we were raised by wolves, I mean CPA’s (sorry Mom, it’s a quote I stole from my brother!) Seriously, both of my parents were CPA’s and would be horrified to find further evidence that their daughter can’t count! Thank you, Lydia, who pointed out that I shorted myself a finish in week #6.  So, instead of being at 13 last week, I was at 14.  That means I’m nearly to the 1/4 mark for finishing my 50 finishes.  With Christmas around the corner, my goal is to finish four more this week  (wish me luck) because my brother is leaving to go home for Christmas on the 21st and will be ferrying my gifts for me.

So, I’m curious, now that you’ve heard all about one of my Christmas traditions, what are yours?  (Or any other holiday…I love holidays!)

So, it’s back to the sewing room for me, and, as of this week the stats are…

Week 10, finishes 15

Oh, and just one more thing, Winnie has found a new favourite place in the house…guess where?

Winnie's new favourite spot!

Have a wonderful week!

2 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #9 – Kitchen Tales

  1. Oh, Beth, Winnie’s SUCH a little cutie! She’s just adorable. Congrats on the finish — I think it’s funny that you almost forgot about it 😉 Your Gingerbread House tradition sounds like a lot of fun.

    • Thanks, Lydia,
      Winnie actually purred at me this morning…maybe she’ll morph into a cuddle kind of a cat at some point! I can’t wait to see the younger one’s face when she sees the apron.

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